We might be hours from the sea, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have great fish and chip shops in Birmingham. Dads Lane Fish Bar, Dolphin Fish Bar, Bedders, there’s plenty of options where you can enjoy that winning combination of battered perfection and fluffy happiness.

But what if you can’t make the trip to your local chippy? I hear you, there are delivery options, but it’s not the same.

Sometimes it can be cold, sometimes it can be late, and sometimes it can cost too much. For example, one South Birmingham fish and chip shop charges £12.99 for a large cod and chips on UberEats.

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A cheap and quick alternative to this is microwave meals, and that includes fish and chips. Costing £2.49, Kershaw’s microwave fish and chips include the popular combination plus mushy peas on the side.

I wasn’t concerned about the microwave chips, if they tasted like McCain’s, we would have no problem.

I was definitely concerned about the microwave fish, however. Having recently tackled a microwave Sunday dinner, I was going in with relatively low expectations.

Overall the meal took eleven minutes in the microwave. Halfway through you were advised to stir the mushy peas, which I did flawlessly.

Looking at the portion sizes, I can see this being suitable for a lunchtime meal. But for dinner, I would be surprised if you didn’t need dessert after this, it didn’t seem like a huge amount of food.

After a short period of waiting, I poured the contents from the microwaveable tray onto a plate. The only concern was that the bottom layer of the fish looked considerably soggy.

Everything else seemed good on the eye, both the chips and peas looked standard with no complaints. I came prepared with salt in case the chips needed a bit more life and flavour and having had my first bite, salt was definitely needed.

Without any salt, the chips were incredibly boring. I’ll keep it short to avoid any boredom on your end, please add salt if you’re going to try this yourself.

With salt, it tasted identical to McCain’s chips, the late addition kickstarted the food journey for the day. I enjoyed the mushy peas too, I usually opt for curry sauce, but was not disappointed with the alternative.

It’s probably for the best that Kershaws went with mushy peas. Microwave curry sauce could have been a disaster.

The only thing left for me to try was the fish, admittedly I had been holding it off for as long as I could. I’m not even sure what type of fish it was because it was described as ‘a white fish’ on the box, hardly helpful.

But having tried it, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the fish. Except for the batter.

There’s limitations on microwave fish, you’re not going to get that fried, golden batter that people flock across the country for. Instead, it was a coating that reminded me more of a chicken kiev, it was pretty unremarkable.

In terms of the fish, it was enjoyable. It wasn’t prominent in much flavour, instead it was soft and subtle, working best alongside the mushy peas.

If you don’t particularly care about fish batter then I’d recommend this for you. Any concerns I had went out of the window and straight into the imaginary sea.

With the price, I was satisfied and felt it was a fair representation, despite early scepticism over the portion size.

Best if you’re looking for a cheap and quick lunch, don’t be put off by this unexpected winner. Just make sure you have some salt on standby.

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