If you're going to spend hundreds of pounds on a piece of quality cookware, it may as well be a Le Creuset, right?

They're beautiful pots and they last a lifetime if you look after them. We thought we knew pretty much all there is to know about Le Creuset (we even wrote a guide about it) but it turns out we didn't know about a pretty handy hack involving the lid.

You can use it to create the perfect pie lid!

Le Creuset posted the hack on their TikTok account last week, and their followers just can't get enough.

So, here's the skinny.

You use the lid to cut out the perfect circle of pastry, then place on a piece of baking paper and top with whatever toppings you like. Then, in the main part of the dish you make your pie filling. Instead of putting the lid on the right way up, you place more baking paper over the pot, then invert the lid, placing the pie top on the flat surface. Genius!

You then end up with a perfectly crisp pie top.

The video was initially posted as a recipe for Thai-inspired chicken pot pie for Le Creuset by chef Justin Chapple, but was then reposted using the popular "life hack" sound.

The hack video now has over 600K views and nearly 200 comments from Le Creuset lovers saying they'd give the simple hack a go. We're certainly going to!

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