We're a nation of tea lovers - and we know how to make a good brew. Whether you enjoy your cup as a morning pick-me-up or a cosy nightcap, it's hard to beat the humble drink.

One of life's simple pleasures, most of us enjoy several brews a day. So it is well worth testing out different tea bags to compare price and taste.

Nobody wants to sacrifice flavour, but it is always helpful if you can enjoy your favourites for less. With this in mind, Manchester Evening News' Emma Gill set herself the enviable task of sampling several supermarket brands.

The Parents editor says her "tea addiction" started at a young age, thanks in part to her parents' own obsession, so she couldn't think of anyone better to join her and her mother-in-law when she sat down to put the drinks to the test.

Explaining the motivation behind her tea party, she revealed: "With families cutting back amid the cost of living crisis, we decided to sample the cheaper own brands from Tesco, M&S, Morrisons, Asda, Aldi, Lidl and Sainsbury's."

As to how she got on, you can read her review below.

If there was ever any doubt about how much supermarkets compete with one another, just a quick glance at the boxes proves how much their products look alike.

They might come in different quantities, but every single one is in a red box, with most described as either 'everyday' or 'original' tea.

I have to admit, there wasn't one that I wouldn't drink again. It was really just a case of some being stronger and richer than others.

My fellow tea drinkers had stronger views though - perhaps it's those extra years of experience.

None of them were that keen on Aldi or Tesco, while Morrisons - the most expensive of the lot - was hit and miss, as was Lidl, although we all agreed the latter was still well worth the £2.09 you'd pay for a box of 240.

Asda's was deemed a decent brew with a nice smooth flavour by all of us, with most of us giving a thumbs up to M&S as the one we'd most likely drink again.

But if it's a strong brew you're after there's only one winner and that's Sainsbury's. 'Rich and refreshing' it says on the box and it was exactly that.

I'm usually under orders to squash the life out of a tea bag to make it strong enough for my mother-in-law, but with this one I didn't have to.

They cost slightly more than the others, at £1.10 for a box of 80, but it's still a lot cheaper than the well-known brands that have shot up in price, leaving shoppers either unwilling or unable to shell out for.

Supermarket tea bags in price order

  • Morrisons 80 £1.29
  • Sainsbury's 80 £1.10
  • Tesco 80 £1
  • Asda 80 £1
  • M&S 160 £2 / equivalent of £1 for 80
  • Aldi 160 £1.39 / equivalent of 70p for 80
  • Lidl 240 £2.09 / equivalent of 70p for 80

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