Nothing quite beats a Pringle, does it?

They're crunchy, flavoursome and quite frankly the GOAT of party snacks.

If you agree, you'll be THRILLED to know that there's a brand new flavour on the cards. Pringles Mexican Chilli & Lime is now available in shops!

The flavour gods at Pringles say the combo of juicy limes and chilli heat will send Pringles fans on a sensory journey to Mexico. They say the new crisps will give a proper yin and yang taste sensation with loads of zingy citrus and chilli kick.

Nikki Breeze, activation brand manager, Pringles said: “our fans have come to expect bold and exciting flavours from Pringles and the launch of Mexican Chilli & Lime is sure to deliver on this. The flavour is designed for those who like to explore new, adventurous tastes with a spicy twist. "

We can just imagine these dunked in cooling guacamole, hot salsa or even a homemade garlicky hummus.

The new crisps will be sold in Sainsbury's for £2.25, and they're available to pick up right now.

We've already seen the launch of Pringles Mexican Chilli Taco and Roasted Pepper & Hummus flavours, which launched in 2022 under the Passport range to much fan appreciation.

Other new flavour launches from Pringles include the legendary Peri Peri, Doner Kebab and even a Christmassy Honey Glazed Ham. Not to mention the EPIC three-foot tubes you can find in Italy that we're still dreaming about to be honest...

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