Ever need an avocado, but all the ones at the supermarket are far from ripe? Or maybe you wish you could stock up and buy 20—but we all know avocados don't last long.

Thanks to the freezer, you can stock up on in-season produce and eat it year-round. From broccoli and peas to berries, we freeze all kinds of produce. So why not avocado?

Can You Freeze An Avocado?

Yes, you can freeze avocados. You can even find frozen chunks of avocado in the freezer aisle at some supermarkets. But be warned, freezing avocado can change its flavour and texture, causing it to lose its buttery feel and taste, according to Avocados From Mexico.

Once defrosted, the company says that mashed avocado might be grainy, and sliced or cubed avocado can turn mushy. So, yes, you can freeze avocado, but once defrosted it might not be the best for avocado toast or topping colourful summer salads. Rather, we suggest using it in dips or smoothies where it's not the star ingredient (sorry, guac).

How Do You Freeze An Avocado?

Beyond diced avocado, there are severals ways you can freeze them depending on how you intend to use your avocados. And now that you're about to always have avocados on hand, make sure to keep these 32 avocado recipes bookmarked.

Here are all the ways you can freeze avocado:

Yes, you can throw whole avocados right in the freezer. You'll want to wrap them in clingfilm or secure them in a plastic bag. They can also be halved or cut into slices with the skin left on, or cut into cubes with the skin removed.

To keep your avocados from turning brown, MasterClass recommends spritzing cut avocados with citrus juice and removing as much air as possible from storage bags. It's also recommended to lay cubed avocado on a baking tray, and once the pieces freeze, transfer them to a plastic freezer bag. This method will also keep the pieces from sticking together.

You can also mash avocado (with some added citrus juice!) and store it in an airtight freezer container, or even an ice cube tray. This is an ideal method if you want to make dips, dressings, baked goods, or smoothies.

How To Defrost Frozen Avocado

How do you defrost frozen avocado when you're ready to use it? First, frozen avocado doesn't always need to be defrosted—it works great for blending into smoothies. But you can also defrost avocado by placing it in the refrigerator or setting it on the counter for a few hours.

How Can You Use Frozen Avocado?

Once defrosted, frozen avocado isn't going to have the creamy texture or rich flavour it has when fresh. So you should use it in recipes where it doesn't stand on its own and the flavour and consistency of fresh avocado isn't key. Throw frozen chunks into the blender for a green smoothie, or defrost it and use in a dressing.

How Long Does Frozen Avocado Last?

It's better to use frozen avocado sooner than later. It should last one to two months in the freezer, according to Avocados From Mexico.

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