McDonald’s fans have been completely thrown to learn what the purpose of those little buttons or bobbles on the fizzy drink lids are actually for.

And no they aren’t just for fiddling with while you sip on your drink and munch 20 chicken nuggets and a Big Mac.

It turns out that a different button is pushed in to indicate what drink has been ordered. Yes, we are mind-blown too.

A tweet from the @todayyearsoldig, which has since been removed, showed a video of a finger pushing in the buttons on the top of the drink lid and you can clearly see they’re labelled.

Each circular button is labelled with a different drink like ‘cola’ or ‘diet’ to show the person fulfilling the order which drink to pour.

But this is the real sorcery. For US customers, next to each round button is also a rectangular button, which essentially pops the circular button back out.

If a worker has pushed in the wrong circular button, for example diet coke instead of coke, they can press the rectangular button to reset the lid and start again.

This prevents a big waste of plastic we guess, and means that mistakes aren’t made because of miscommunications.

The video was viewed over two million times with viewers tweeting: ‘What kind of sorcery is this?’

Other Twitter users were equally as flabbergasted.

The Twitter channel which originally posted the video is a ‘source for the latest trends, discoveries, and most shocking truths & little-known facts about the world.’

But it seems some people did already know what these were for. They could’ve told us.

But when it comes to the UK, the drinks lids vary from their American-design counterparts.

And it’s much more simple with just four buttons on the lid and no reset button. Let’s not be popping the wrong drinks order in then.

But revelations about McDonald’s drink lids keep coming. Last month a McDonald’s superfan, Australian TikTokker @elpapa1998, told TikTok how to drink from McDonald’s drink lids without using a straw.

Yes, you could just take the lid off, but if you’re in the car you’re going to want the lid on. So, simply push down the small rectangle by the rim to create a small opening to drink from.

It practically mimics the opening on a disposable coffee cup.

So there you go, you learn something new every day.

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