Some people enjoy their cheese toasties on their own while others like to dip them in a hot bowl of tomato soup. But no matter how they're eaten, they taste best when the cheesy core is soft and gooey, and the bread perfectly crunchy. A TikTok chef has shared their quick and easy method to get them right every time, using an air fryer.

Toastie makers and grills can end up a mess after making a cheese toastie, but TikTok chef @thebigmansworld_official has found an easy way around it.

Using an air fryer, he demonstrated how to achieve the perfect texture when making a melted cheese sandwich in just five minutes.

He said: "Yes, you can and should make a crispy, cheesy grilled cheese in the air fryer.

"Now my secret trick to a perfectly crispy exterior is to brush one side of each slice of bread with some mayonnaise and butter."

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It's not just dairy eaters that can enjoy this tasty recipe either. According to the TikTok user, you can substitute any of the ingredients for dairy-free alternatives for the same results.

To make the toastie, start by taking two slices of bread and buttering one side of each with butter, followed by mayonnaise.

The chef used white bread for this video, though you can use granary, seeded or malted versions instead.

Lay one side of your spread-coated bread onto a plate, with the butter and mayonnaise-side face down.

Then, using a mixture of grated red Leicester and cheddar cheese, load up the plain side of bread for the filling.

You can add ham, onion, tomatoes, or almost any other ingredients at this point, as long as it's not raw meat or fish.

Once your bread is covered in the grated cheese, place the other slice of bread on top with the plain side in the middle of the sandwich, and the coated side face up.

Grease your air fryer basket with some low-calorie cooking oil and place the sandwich in the middle.

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Air fry for just five minutes at 360-280C, flipping halfway through for the best results.

Revealing the golden results, the TikTok chef said: "Now this is fast comfort food!"

If cooking more than one at a time, make sure they are placed in a single layer in the fryer basket and not stacked.

Depending on the thickness of your bread, you may need to fry for longer for crunchiness right the way through.

One of the most important steps in this easy recipe is to avoid overfilling your sandwich with cheese.

Loading it up with too much could lead to it spilling out during cooking and burning onto the basket.

To avoid this, ensure the grated cheese is contained within the bread, and gently press down on the sandwich before cooking to mesh the filling together.

If you like a fuller sandwich, you place a small amount of foil on the bottom of the fryer to catch any bubbled residue. Avoid using too much so it covers the food, as this could restrict the cooking process.

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