If you just can’t get enough coffee of a morning, you’ll now be able to add an extra hit of it to your daily breakfast.

Kellogg’s announced the release of a new cereal this week that combines the flavour of coffee with milk chocolate almonds, and plenty of crunch.

The Barista Edition Chocolate Mocha flavour of Crunchy Nut Granola is a twist on the grain-based classic, infused with coffee beans for a double hit of morning deliciousness.

The brand’s food development team spent 18 months perfecting the blend, going through 12 different recipes until they found the one that was ‘just right’ in terms of balance and strength.

The flavour is immersed through each wholegrain bite rather than in standalone pieces, but unfortunately for caffeine fiends, the cereal does won’t wake you up like a morning brew.

Kellogg’s confirmed the Barista Edition will not contain any caffeine, so you’ll have to stick to a cuppa for a pick-me-up to start your day. It’s also free from artificial colours or flavourings.

The new addition the brand’s range will be in Waitrose stores from early next week, rolling out into other supermarkets over the coming months with the RRP of £2.99.

A Kellogg’s spokesperson said: ‘We know coffee is one of the UK’s favourite morning drinks.

‘So, it seemed like the right next step for us to look into how we could combine the crunch of our Crunchy Nut Granola with the delicious flavour of coffee.

‘Coffee and breakfast is a natural partnership – and our Barista Edition has been influenced by Europe’s café culture and the continental love of coffee and cereal.

‘Our coffee tastes are all different, so our team of developers spent months sampling different types of coffee to try and get a flavour that was well rounded and just right for everyone.’

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