Ketchup is a staple, open any fridge and you'll probably find some remnants of the tomato condiment hiding behind a pot of yoghurt or a block of cheese.

When you think of ketchup you think of Heinz but would you ever have thought you'd have to fork out £4.40 for a squeezy bottle? Last week, Tesco came under fire for the 'extortionate' price of its bestselling condiment.

The extortionate price tag sparked 'tomatogeddon' after shopper shared their disbelief as they found prices of Heinz ketchup had increased to £4.40 on supermarket shelves. The branded bottle has become the latest in a series of eye-watering supermarket prices to spark anger among customers and it's not the first for Tesco either.


LancsLive recently reported how a 550g tub of Bisto gravy left shoppers fuming after being sold for £5.50 at Tesco. It comes after Tesco announced that it will be price-locking thousands of its products until Easter, in a bid to help customers with the seemingly ever-rising cost of living.

In recent months a 750g tub of Lurpak butter selling would cost £7.25 while a 190g pack of Nescafe Gold Alta Rica coffee was sold for £9 at Morrisons.

Interest rates, bills and food prices continue to climb month on month so the last thing anyone wants to be questioning is whether or not they can afford a bottle of ketchup. It's no secret that branded items will cost you more than ever now and unless you can get your hands on a deal, you might find the supermarket alternatives are a much better choice.

Heinz ketchup is often considered the best option when it comes to the sauce purely because other brands can get it so wrong. As someone who wholeheartedly believed that statement, I decided to pit other supermarket brands against the condiment giant to see if I could find a dupe that would cost pennies instead of pounds.

I bought a bottle of ketchup from Asda, Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons and Sainsburys to see if any could match up to the likes of Heinz. Disclaimer, only one of these cost more than £1.


Price: 77p

Taste: 4/5

Off to a cracking start with this version of ketchup. The Aldi sauce has this great punchy taste to it that avoids the nasty metallic taste and instead offers a brilliant tomatoey taste.

The consistency is smooth and very similar to Heinz itself albeit slightly thinner. The tangy aftertaste gets a little too tangy after a few dunks of a chip but I imagine in a breakfast roll, it would be heavenly.


Price: 85p

Taste: 2/5

If Mr Blobby was a ketchup, this was it. I can't stand sauces with weird textures - unless it's tartar of course- so when I saw actual lumps of ketchup, I knew it was game over.

Thankfully, by the time I got round to dipping a chip in the sauce, the blobs had lessened. I was expecting a grainy texture but there was none of that.

However, the flavour was a weird combination of tangy and sweet and not the kind in a sweet chilli sauce with a hint a lime. It was almost like a stale lemon flavour with a bit too much sugar.

I couldn't get on board with the flavours on this one which is a shame because it would only cost 88p.


Price: 75p

Taste: 2/5

This was Mr Blobby's brother, Mr Lumpy. Just like the Sainsbury's version, this ketchup came out rather unpleasantly only this time, the texture was just as bad to eat.

There wasn't so much a grainy texture but more of a gelatinous consistency that went a bit runny once you ate it- even describing it is bad. The favours weren't as bizarre but equally didn't offer enough incentive to bump it up any more points.

Again, another shame considering the prices of the bottle was only 75p.


Price: £1.25

Taste: 1/5

Yet another example of why higher prices don't guarantee better quality. Considering this was the most expensive, it was the worst tasting.

If I didn't know I was eating ketchup I'd have thought I was eating a bunch of pennies. The metallic taste was really overpowering ad that's the one thing I hate the most about off branded ketchup.

There was some sweetness to it but not enough to counteract the tart flavours. Considering it's over £1 too, I wouldn't bother with this one, not even as a last ditch attempt to save an over barbecued hot dog.


Price: 45p

Taste: 4/5

I was convinced this would be the worst - for 45p you surely can't be getting any type of quality, but I was so wrong.

This was the closest tasting ketchup to Heinz. The flavours were spot on, great tanginess with an actual taste of tomato, not just some red sauce that might look good on a sandwich.

Dipped into a fluffy chip, it was mouth-wateringly good. The only downside was that it was slight thinner that you'd like but given it's price and great flavour, you'd be silly to miss out on swapping the extortionately priced Heinz bottle for this one.

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